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Mandolin Exercises

I’ve been focusing on strengthening my pinky for the last few months. I’ve used a variety of exercises, and they all seem to really help. I started learning the intermediate Blackberry Blossom, so I thought I’d put together a little set of exercises that seems to work well for my pinky, and Blackberry Blossom. They are based off of some of the scale related lessons here. I just thought I’d share the tef and pdf, in case someone else might find them useful. They could probably be improved, too, so if you have suggestions, let me know! I just sort of guessed at how to “turn around” until I found something that sounded OK and felt like practice.

GPinkyExercise.pdf (48.0 KB)

GPinkyExercise.tef (3.6 KB)


Really cool, thanks @Scot!!

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Ooooh, this is a little work out!! Thanks for sharing Scot! You da man!


Thanks a bunch, Scot. :slightly_smiling_face: