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Mando string types

Hi! I am getting ready to change the strings on my mandolin and researching online, there are many types. I wanted to get some input on what people here like or dislike and why. I don’t like the strings that are currently on it. Seem too heavy maybe. It has whatever strings come stock on a new Fender mando.

There are phosophor bronze, stainless steel, nickle, nickle plated stainless steel, nickle bronze…I understand the different gauges but not the materials. Any input here is much appreciated!
Thank you!

Hey @thebikechick! I personally like the phosphor bronze HERE

They are bright and punchy and seem to last me a good while! They are mediums and you may think they’re too stiff, but I want a medium in mando.

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I like EJ74s as well. Unlike guitar strings, I leave mando strings on for an eternity (and like them).

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