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Mando Melody Study: Where the Roses Never Fade

I have to play this tune unaccompanied for a funeral this weekend. Here’s how I came up with a version:

Here’s the Statlers’ version:

Verse melody:

Chorus melody:



Really nice! It’s cool to get a “behind the scene” look at your process. Any chance you could take a minute to explain what’s going on in your algebra homework up there?

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Thanks! Yep, I do in the video.

Ah… sorry. I didn’t have time to watch the whole thing. I probably should have assumed you did that.

You make it look and sound easy. The process is very structured so that’s anyone could use that process with most any song and do the same. I sure need to practice coming up with my own versions to songs. I really want to be able to do this one day.

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Thanks for posting that, Ben. You are one gifted young man and I’m sure this will bring comfort to all this weekend. The ornaments and harmonies are sublime.

Oh man! That high harmony at 12:45 is tasty!


Really nice job, thank you for that video!

Could you possibly do one for the Wedding Song ( ? I have a friend who is getting married in the fall and would be open to having me play but I’d have to pass an audition with her planner (who is my daughter!). Getting good enough to play that by fall is one of the reasons I signed up here - I’m thinking its well within reach with one of your lessons!

Also “Here Comes the Bride” would be an excellent addition to your lineup. Both for the Mando.

Thanks for considering it,


I’ll see what I can do. I rarely have time for custom requests, though I think the “Here Come the Bride” would be useful for lots of folks. Thanks!

Awesome, Here Comes the Bride would be fun.

Thanks a lot - I’m absolutely loving this site! You and Mr G are amazing teachers.

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It’s really nice to see your process. Thanks for sharing.

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