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Man alive that was fast!

I ordered a 5th string capo and added a couple of other items to get free shipping on 5/25, the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Along comes Tuesday, 5/29 and my package arrived!

Thanks for the super fast (and free) shipping guys!


I ordered 2 snark ST8 tuners and the adapter for my banjo and it was here in 3 days. I even got an email from the store when it was delivered. I`m sure its an automated e-mail but its still cool. Now the tuner is just awesome. If you mute the strings and brush the head it picks up the heads tuning . I like it to be at G sharp and that’s what the snark picked up. I also got a sticker and a free guitar pick. even the pick sounds amazing. Thanks guys at the store. Yall Rock


Oh that’s cool! Are you leaving the tuner on the headstock when you do that, or moving it closer to the body?


He’s using the Snark Clip mount, sounds like:


I ordered a Huber frosted head (or is that Jay Leno) and the DrumDial on Wednesday nite and received it Saturday morning! As @Triplett stated I even received an email Sat. morning which gave me a chance to get the dogs in before the mail lady came. I really like the head even though I kind of miss the slippery spots on my old head and the DrumDial works really well for me. I got it all put together and the banjo sounds great!


I love to hear this, buddy. Thank you for your support of the store!