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"Making Do"

Last night’s plate. 8x10 black glass ambrotype.

With the virus spreading, I can’t shoot people, and I was low on ideas. So, I made do with what was handy.

Hope it makes you smile! :slight_smile:


If you should ever run out of a subject to photograph Mike just remember a banjo always makes a pretty picture no matter which angle you shoot from.


Oh, I know! I’ve got a bunch more pictures to make of my banjo and guitar. Then I might have to get a mandolin just to take pictures of it… and a fiddle… and… yeah, this could get expensive. I better start selling some art. :rofl:


Just had an idea that might draw in a few $$$, Photographs of old wooden sheds/cabins, ad signs from the 20s - 50s railway wagons pictured with musical instruments and printed up as large posters or framed pictures. I am sure there is a market out there on ebay or etsy where you could earn a modest income to fund your hobby


Great idea and great picture!!

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Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms will now always trigger memories of the shortages we had this year. That reminds me I need to go back to the store.:expressionless:


Oh the irony of shooting toilet paper with a title of “Making do.”

My boss used to tell the story of her 4 year old who needed more Legos to complete the project he was trying to build. He got upset and his mom said “Just make do.” Five minutes later she realizes that he’s not playing anymore and she doesn’t know where he is. She calls out “Hey! Where’d you go?”

He yells back from the bathroom “I’M MAKING DO!”