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"Magnet" camera mount

Hi Gang,
I’m not trying to promote anything, but just wanted to share that I’ve participated in the Kickstarter campaign for the Magnet guitar/camera mount, and hope to get mine shipped by the end of the year.

Those of you who have seen Molly Tuttle’s unbelievable White Freightliner Blues video will recognize the mount. I have to admit that I have no pressing need to record my stumbling flatpicking, but am excited nonetheless. Can’t wait!

@BanjoBen , your studio 2-cam recording is the best I’ve ever seen. Would something like this be helpful for your productions? I’m checking to see whether it’ll accommodate other types of instruments…

More info here:


That device is so cool! I was watching the Troy Grady channel videos- Andy Wood on mandolin (wow!) - and then I saw the Molly videos and the other guitar vids with the magnet (double wow!). I’m curious how the other instruments would work with that as well, plz do an update after you get it & try it out… :+1:t2::grin:


Really cool! I see that have shut down the backing or I would have done it.


Not sure, but existing backers might be able to up their order. I’ll check.


The campaign seems to have closed, but I asked the organizer if I can still add another unit or two to my pledge. If possible, I’ll get two (one for you and one for @Jake ). Might not be possible, but fingers crossed.


Here’s a response from the Camera mount guy:

Troy Grady says:
Hi MIchael! We don’t have a way to add more Magnets now that the campaign is over, but we may figure out a way to do more preorders once we get further along with the manufacturing process. We’ll keep everyone updated, so stay tuned to emails from us.

Will keep this thread up-to-date.


I really like that, usually I pile up books and use them as a shelf, not functional at all :sweat_smile: