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Hey @BanjoBen…have you ever considered adding lyrics to the tabs/tef files? I find learning the lyrics to be really helpful for my understanding of the song structure…and ability to keep the tune in my head. Problem is I’m also new to gospel/bluegrass type of music and I just don’t know the songs until I here them here first.

Im looking for any way to improve my ability to remember a song…I can play chords, but I always seem to get lost if the song stays too long on one chord if other people aren’t playing the chords on a guitar…

I’ve been playing music some with a guy @Bcaves in person, but I always get lost when he starts his break on banjo.

Any tips?


I do have the lyrics on the PDF files of many of them (like my last guitar lesson for “Life’s Railway”), but not all. I’m not a big lyrics guy but I know the melodies. When I’m playing with someone else, especially if they’re really improvising, I have to keep the melody going in my head to know the chord changes. I remember when that was laborious back in the day, but now it happens automatically. As @Bcaves begins his break, silently hum the melody in your mind. After a while, you’ll be able to multi-task a bit more.

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Maybe that rascal on banjo ain’t playin it right…:joy:
@BanjoBen, I mentioned to @crohnieks that I have to count beats when playing rhythm when I’m not familiar with the tune.