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Luthier: John Boulding, Mt. Airy, NC

Just wanted to give a shout out to an outstanding luthier, John Boulding of Mt. Airy, NC. I am new to the mandolin and had asked Ben Clark for any recommendations on folks near me who could do a set up on a beginner model I bought. He recommended John and he has been awesome. I recently purchased a used Eastman 515 that had some headstock damage and finish flaws. Just picked it up and it looks like a new penny! John repaired the finish, installed a new bridge and tailpiece and it rocks! John has been a luthier for years and does exceptional work, please consider him if you need any type of repair or set-up work done.
Jeff Perryman
Weddington, NC


Finding a skilled luthier is a blessing. I found one in Old Forge NY…Al Worthen at Mountain Music. He’s an old guy, knows everybody who was anybody in bluegrass over the past 40 years, LOVES stringed instruments and is only open Saturday from 11 am till 3pm.

His website had a link to this song. You think you know the tune, and you probably do, but I’ll bet you don’t know the song!

In fact, I just happened to be there today when I guy came in with a “mandolin banjo” from the 1920’s that his father played. The owner of this instrument said it was a horrible sounding thing, so I took some pictures.

It looks pretty, but the owner said it combines the worst of both instruments!


I always thought that was Red River Valley!