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Lubbock, TX Jam Session

Been in Lubbock for a couple of days and found a bluegrass jam session to listen to tonight. They were a very friendly group of folks. They have a FB page - Lubbock Bluegrass Jam - they meet the first Friday of each month.
Near the end of the jam session one of the banjo players let me try out his custom Nechville banjo. This photo is a zoomed in view from the back. Wish I had had the presence of mind to take a picture of it from the front when it was in my hands!


Was that the Nechville Phantom? Where the 5th string runs all the way to the headstock?

It was good to meet you at camp! Say “hey” to the home place for me while you’re there.

There is a tunnel the fifth string runs through and comes out at the headstock…pretty neat idea! The entire rim over the head screws down for even pressure instead of individual hooks with nuts around the perimeter.

Good to meet you as well! Will do on the howdy to The Lubbock area!

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Interesting concept! I wonder if they sound good too?

Me too! Suspect they do in the hands of a qualified operator. :wink:

Would like to have spent a few minutes with it in a quiet room. The owner made it sound real nice.

If you watch Ben’s oldest videos on the site, you’ll see him using a banjo with a tunneled 5th. I think that’s the banjo that he toured with while playing with Taylor.

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Here’s an old video of Ben describing that banjo:


Pretty sweet banjo. I noticed that the strap on that banjo has “KLC” embossed in it. Could it be one of his sisters is missing a strap? :astonished:

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Shhhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone :wink: