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Lovely harmony ladies



Just… WOW.

Brilliant. Incredible Mandolin!


Yes @WillCoop that’s @BanjoBen 's sisters from several years back I am not sure who the girl in the middle is, probably kin


I knew @Archie - thanks!

I am a big fan of The Purple Hulls - anxiously awaiting their next release effort.

Still, I had not seen this 3-part Harmony tune before.

Say, do you recall when this sisters partnered up with a couple of other girls in Nashville? Maybe the 3rd one might be from that project?

Still, you are probably right on the thought of it being a(nother talented) family member.

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They have played with a few bands including the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band perhaps your thinking of the Quebe Sisters heres is a clip from the Library of Congress Concert


I think it’s Bonnie from Bonnie and the Clydes. I saw another video on here with those three, and that’s who Ben said it was


Here’s the one

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Yeah, I saw them on RFD TV with the Quebe Sisters, and the leader from Asleep at the Wheel. It was a show with pretty much all Western Swing Music.

RFD is a great channel for farm folks.

That is what I was thinking - the Quebe sisters - but I think @Dragonslayer is correct…

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There is another Clark sister named Dinah.

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