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Loop2Learn app testing

Y’all check this out, made by the folks at Gold Tone:

Let me know what you think about it.


Not my thing @BanjoBen , But I am sure others will find it useful

Cool concept. I downloaded the free one and tried it out on a youtube video of Sonny Osborne teaching Rocky Top.

The free version is a tad bit crippled:

  • It constantly pops up a window that you have to select “No” to for installing the 2.99 premium version. Pretty annoying (or “yes” for installing the premium version).

  • You can only slow down the playback by .8 and if you try to go to .7, you get the old question about installing the premium version again.

The app doesn’t feel like a true “app” to me (using SDKs and user-interface frameworks and what-not… It feels more like a webpage that was encapsulated into an app.

I think it’d be more appealing if the constant nag about upgrading was removed.


@BanjoBen. I’d love it if you could add a loop feature to your videos. Very helpful tool in my opinion.


I anted up and purchased it. The first impression is good. It’s got to be easier than trying run the video back while wearing picks.


Yep, that’s on the docket for later this year! I"m actually going to incorporate a novel and incredible new app into the site that is going to enhance it beyond your wildest dreams. I’m just telling you now so that you don’t have a heart attack when it happens!


That’d be a neat tool. Presently, one would have to download the video, put it in one’s own video editor cut out the desired clips and make a new file that loops. Sure would save a lot of time and effort.


I’ve messed with the loop2loop app and I have one complaint. The video window will not go full screen. I might figure how to blow it up but so far no luck. It does ok slowing down the audio. I used it to transcribe the words to a song. The slow down and loop function worked good for that.

I’ve not messed with the 5 second loop shift.

If @BanjoBen adds a feature to do this with his teaching videos, that will be a game changer. I bet Adam and Jake are writing app code and building a server farm as I type.