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Looking for help with a song

If there’s anybody here that can give a tutorial on Wild Bill Jones type song, something similar to Billy strings etc I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

It’s been recorded many times by many performers. here’s alink to just a few

There are tons of examples on youtube also.

chord prog: : / I / I / I / I / I / V / I / I / :

What information are you looking for?

Guitar lesson in the Billy strings flavor.

Hi John
Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum
I am thinking this tune might still be in copyright. Ben is not currently teaching tunes that are still in copyright due to licencing arrangements

However if you care to check out YouTube you may find something there that might help. Here’s one I found.

Billy plays it out of the key of F
for his version:
capo third fret
use Dmin position for I chord & A7 position for the V
Tune 6th string down one whole step to an F

most of the lead is taken from the C position (common trick for minor chords)

I’d suggest slowing down Bill’s YouTube vid to get his breaks etc.

If you’ll notice he does a lot of mixing of straight picking, “cross picking”, and strums.

If you get stuck on a specific lick we could probably help you figure it out…to be truthful, figuring out as much as you can on your own will not only be very rewarding and a great learning experience for you, but also help to get more people wiling to help, as you are putting in some of your own effort.

Good luck & have fun!

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Thanks fiddle_wood, I
have tried slowing his vids down an figured out the chords just can’t get the picking pattern down on the leads etc. I’m older now and can’t make out the notes by ear or see as well as I use to. Any help would be appreciated and would pay for a vid lesson if possible, just love his energy and style.


Yeah, it takes tons of patience to get someone else’s lead from a performance sometimes.

I usually will pull the audio out of the video with software such as MacX Video Converter Pro

Then I move the file to another software like Amazing Slowdowner to have better control over the sound and speed. This is great for getting audio slowed down enough to pick out those elusive notes in lightning fast breaks/riffs. I can slow a lick down to almost just holding one note at a time, which highly improves my ability to tear things apart. .

Even with those modern advantages it regularly takes me several weeks to figure out a close version to any complicated piece. But it is well worth the effort because of the experience gained in experimentation, and ear training.

There are several people on the internet who write custom tabs of breaks for money…maybe do a search for one of them if you don’t want to put in the effort yourself…


It’s not about lack of effort but thanks for the tips.

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Absolutely nothing, thanks fiddle_wood and blessings to all.

Hey @ihandyman, can you find a recording or video of Billy doing the song and post it here? Something to listen to? Maybe we can offer more help and collaborate more easily.

This is the one I was speaking of, I know the chords and affirmed by fiddle_wood, (thanks) but I just can’t get the strumming pattern or hammer on, slides, riffs etc down. My hearing isn’t what it was so it’s a little harder to pick out the notes by ear unless I can see clearly what their hands are doing.

Thanks Ben, fiddle_wood

Okay, let’s try just a bit at a time. Can you pick out 5 seconds and let’s figure it out first?

Here’s another to choose from and the audio is better.

Yea Ben 4:34-4:45 is typical of what I’m talking about. Looks simple but just can’t get it.


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That’s why we keep Ben around…haha…he knows how to ask questions correctly.

This is what I meant when I asked you about having something specific you wanted help with…guess i didn’t word it well…sorry

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Sorry, but which video? The one @fiddle_wood posted or the one I did?

Yours Ben, it’s all those little trills, hammer on’s etc that he uses to embellish the cords.


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