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Looking at Buying Banjo in the $500 Range

So my grandparents said they would get me a banjo for Christmas, A good one but not quite a Twanger. I was considering both the Morgan Monroe MNB-1W and the RK RK-R20.

Any major differences? any other banjos I should consider? how do they compare to a Goodtime 2?
Hopefully @Jake and @BanjoBen will have some input.


I have the Morgan Monroe, and while I can’t speak for the RK, I would definitely take the Monroe over a goodtime 2. I’ve played a few goodtimes, none of which impressed me. I don’t know if there’s much difference between the Monroe and the RK, but I don’t think you’ll go wrong either way


Thanks for the info.

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I’ll second Gunnar’s post. I’ve played them both and they’re both fine intro instruments. Better than the Good Time 2, IMHO.

The great thing about getting them from Ben’s store is that Jake will do a pro set up on it, so you’ll get an instrument that is playing its best right out of the case.


I was lucky enough to find a used rk35 for $500. It is an amazing playing and sounding banjo. I have been told by a couple of players with many years of experience that it would be hard for me to find an upgrade to it for less than $3000. Keep your eye out for one if you can.


Of course now with the Twanger…