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Look who I found

So my family and I are walking around Oktoberfest when we hear “Hey, there’s a Banjo Ben fan!”

It pays to wear Banjo Ben swag. :slight_smile:



Looking good @Mark_Rocka but those gals look even better


Pays to live in Texas.

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I like how your photo cuts off your feet so no-one can see that the twins are standing in a ditch for you to look the same height :joy: very sneaky :wink: :smirk:


Fantastic! Which city was this Oktoberfest?

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My secret is out. :slight_smile:

Fredericksburg. It’s my first German festival to attend. Being a non-drinker, I don’t imagine I’ll go again. It really was all about the beer. It was a neat experience, though. Glad I can check it off my list.

I hope you did get to eat at Friedhelm’s! That is worth the trip in itself.

I love Fredericksburg, but during “special” times it is way too crowded for me.

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What about the FOOD? Bratwrust, Currywrurst, Schnizel Pomme Frities As a non- drinker your taste buds will never know what it’s like to miss the Bier, Wine, Schnapps and Brandy that are a big part of the Oktoberfest Experience.

There were a lot of great restaurants mentioned, but that wasn’t one of them.

Luckily, we stayed with friends who live in a house built by some of the original German settlers in the 1870s. So next time we go, I’ll be sure to ask about that restaurant. Thanks for the tip!

Unfortunately I’m gluten free for health reasons, so I didn’t get to enjoy a lot of the food at the festival. It’s a life style alteration that’s deprived me of many of life’s simple joys.

That’s a bummer @Mark_Rocka German food is to die for. I was stationed in Germany for five years with the army and the different types of bread was amazing my favourite was brotchen a crusty breakfast roll or bun. Served hot with butter and hot black coffee. Yummy


Absolutely on the food comment! My favorite is Currywurst!

Where were you stationed Archie? I was stationed in Regensburg (Southern Germany between Nurnburg and Munich) in '84 and '85. I would love to go back someday. I consider Germany my second home even though I was only there a short time. The people and the country made a huge impact on me. I still can’t get over how clean they kept their country… and hopefully still do so… I never saw litter or trash anywhere.

I’ll stick with our American coffee though… along with our hearty breakfasts!

Hi Jeff

I was in Herford for three years then moved to Dortmund 1968 - 74. Just before I left Germany our unit hooked up with 8th US Signal BN, 8 Infantry Division at Bad Kreuznach it was a fun time. Shortly after returning from Bad Kreuznach I was posted back to the UK and became a Recruit Instructor and left the Army February 77.

I have been back to Germany a few times on holiday and at reunions with army buddies who settled there. Most have since passed and I am not up for traveling far these days.

Currywurst is a favourite of mine too I can buy bratwurst here in the UK and make my own curry sauce. I used to be able to buy schnitzel and make my own zigeuner sauce. But I do so miss the German pubs and restaurants. We too looked on Germany as or second home. I got married in 70 and my wife joined me in Herford a few months after. Our oldest daughter was born out there. Most of the British bases are long since gone just a token force remains. Happy Days