Long Range Shooting


Calling all long range shooters out there that are good at teaching technique!

I’ve began trying to extend my reach with my hunting rifle. After watching the video, are there any critiques you can give me that might help my groups get a little tighter?


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Hi Rance , The video reveals a lot. Your rifle is not being supported at the stock. When you take the shot the bipod lifts clear off the ground caused by the recoil, this will have a bearing on your grouping. I was an army weapons coach in a previous life and trained recruits in the use of small arms. The British Light Machine Gun had a bipod and could prove a deadly accurate or terribly unstable weapon depending on who was using it. , The pistol grip was a little further forward and we used to grip the butt with our left hand to help stabilize the weapon… It had a bipod similar to your rifle which bounced around a lot. If you mounted the LMG on a tripod you greatly increased the weapons accuracy.

Try supporting your stock with the left hand, keep your left elbow on the ground close to your body. It may help you stabilize the weapon if you wrap your rile sling around your left arm. Be careful not to tense up, watch your breathing. Take a deep breath and partially exhale just before taking the shot. I noticed your face twitched a little before you took the shot, that may indicate a little momentary tension just prior to easing the trigger. For some additional tips check out some Army and Olympic training vids on YouTube. Hope this helps.


In addition to what Archie writes, other considerations might include the trigger assembly (Timney long range custom or the like), the barrel (bedded or not bedded, etc) and the cartridge quality (projectile design, loading and priming and case prep). you’ll find hours of information on the 'net – the more you read, the better you can weed out bad from good advice/information.


From a friend who was special ops sniper: What are your groups doing? Stringing up and down or left to right, or are they in a cluster, just not as tight as you would like? Are you using a rear bag?
I can’t see what your trigger finger is doing, but middle of pad on first joint and pull straight back.
Search google for “pre loading bi-pod” techniques.
I know bi-pods are sometimes necessary, but for testing accuracy of rifle and ones self, sandbags front and rear are usually best, especially from a bench…
Looks like your arm is running through the rifle sling? If you are grasping the sling in the rear to help steady the rifle, you could be causing the rifle to do weird things while in recoil. For instance the rifle twisting or jumping off of the bench before the bullet completely exits the barrel! This could be mistaken for an exit node issue, when that’s just not the case…just my .02


Interesting, how long have you been doing this?