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Listen Live on 650WSM Wednesday morning!

Y’all tune in to WSM Radio 650 AM tomorrow morning from 7:30-8 central as Dennis W Parker and I talk about his record, “Songs Under The Air Condition-Ing Unit.” You can listen online at


As luck would have it, power is out here tomorrow morning to replace an electrical pole that someone ran into :frowning:

Get the phone app!


I downloaded 2 apps just to make sure I caught this… Even as I was driving my son to school.

But alas, I did not hear it. What happened?

I mean, WSM 650 AM has several stations, right… So I thought it would be on the main channel called “Classic Country”… which did seem to be broadcast live as they were talking traffic.

Well, they were interviewing one of my favs… Marty Stuart… but no BanjoBen interview.

@BanjoBen, sorry… but I don’t do Facebook… but I tried… with 2 different apps… One being the one you showed.

How can we hear it now?

It was on Wednesday morning about 7:45 central and I had lots of folks listen in on the app, so don’t know what happened. That’s okay! They’re supposed to release it as a podcast soon and I’ll post it.

7:45 CDT!


I know that TN is a split Time Zone state. I thought EDT.

Honestly, my mistake… As I know Nashville is on the border… But definitely Central.

My bad… My loss!

But at least the intention was there to support ya

Sorry @BanjoBen

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Yep, that’s why I put central in the original post…lots of folks think we’re eastern by default, and we are close!

I know @BanjoBen.

I’ve bee to Nashville several times… And I knew better. I was in too big a hurry and worried about the app.


This one was totally on me. Because of CDT, I could’ve taken my boy to school (only 5 minutes away but at 7:30 EDT)… gotten home, made a hot breakfast and a cup of joe… and set down to listen in total peace. Instead… :confounded:

I think I’ll check and see if they have it “on-demand”.


You know, my wife and I liked Nashville so much, it is the only place outside of Michigan that we would strongly consider moving to - and that was before I bought my Banjer, Mand’lin, got into Bluegrass and became a GP Lifer.

I still remember we went into a simple cafe shop outside of downtown in the burbs and enjoyed a lunch at some place like Panera… (Don’t y’all have Atlanta Bread Co. there?) and a young artist set up to play a little accoustic set.

It was many years ago so I cannot even remember if it was a fella or gal… but if memory serves, we appreciated and wanted to support them so much that we purchased a CD… not specifically for the artist but for the support.

You know, my brother is a Jazz Professor at Western Illinois University and so, I have a strong appreciation for supporting “lesser public supported” musical forms - especially alternatives to the pop or mainstream… as these artists are AUTHENTIC and perform for the immense passion inside their music.

Have you ever seen the Wonton Marsalis Young Master class? It is just an excellent clinic… And please, all forum Members… Find yourself the proper time to really actively listen to Wynton’s input to listen to your fellow artists…

I see Bluegrass and Blues to be cousins in this same arena. Expressive, improvisational, form and a conversation.

The notable difference is that Bluesgrass is typically melody and breaks on a fast, short form conversation.

When you had that young banjo player from U of M (forgive me not remembering his name), I immediately shared that with my brother… urging him to consider composition/performance and inclusion of Bluegrass (as he appreciated the form and Earl in particular) in Jazz.

Sorry for the tangents… but hope you enjoyed the share.


By the way, mark your calendars for Friday morning September 27. My sisters and I will be back on the WSM morning show, near the same time.


That’s CENTRAL TIME, y’all!

7:30-ish Central is 8:30-ish Eastern!

I got ya covered @BanjoBen, to let everyone know and avoid the Eastern-to-Central time difference possible mishaps! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes::unamused:


I was on 650AM WSM with my sisters this morning and we had another studio guest…one that represents a chunk of my childhood. Recognize this feller? He was quite gracious and kind!

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Sure Do!!! That there is Bo Duke!! He’s the reason I rode my bike through our neighborhood shooting my bow off of it. Running from Roscoe P. Coltrain (or Jim Lindsey…I get 'em confused)…


Please @BanjoBen,

If you have any time at all, please get the word out BEFORE you will appear out there… :wink:

May a thread, “Ben’s Next appearance” would help?

Then again, that could become a long thread, right?

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i used to love watching the DOH

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Dukes of Hazard? I want to see that show, it sounds awesome

I did :wink: and you replied:

Indeed… @BanjoBen,

I will be the FIRST to admit… I support you and this forum and site… but have not been thinking clearly… being unemployed again.

That said, I Just found out not 2 hours ago… I have received a full-time offer to return to work.

It is the answer to my prayers!

So… I realize you have been good to let us… your supporters… your fans… and most importantly, your faithful students… know about such appearances.

It is I who have been preoccupied…


Congratulations! That’s awesome

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Great to hear!!