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Lifetime Pick membership

I had a lifetime Pick membership starting in 10/22/13. Apparently it did not transfer to your new site. I’ve tried several time to notify via the help forum and have not received a response.
In addition before locating my receipt from the initial Lifetime membership I opened a monthly Gold Pick membership 03/25/19 and three times including tonight upon logging in my membership shows as Guest.

PM sent…

Howdy @lemuel32796! First, I’m sorry for your error. However, my forum shows this is the first time you’ve posted and I haven’t received any emails from you. Regardless, your account is fine. I don’t know why you didn’t have your lifetime access. There was no need to purchase another membership. I’ve cancelled your monthly membership and refunded your $25 payment. I’ve also verified your lifetime status and logged in with no issues using your email. I have reset your password, however, and am emailing you now to share that with you. Enjoy the site!

First thanks, my issue has now been resolved and all is working well. You are correct the post to the forum last night was the first. I had been using the Contact Support page and addressing my issue there utilizing the hot buttons for Feed Back to Ben and Membership Issues. It was through that venue that I was receiving no response. I thoroughly enjoy the site that was never an issue.

Glad you’re fixed up! I’m a bit confused because I didn’t receive a message through that medium either, but regardless, we’re good to go!

When I log in the site shows me as a guest.

Please email me at ben at if you’re still having issues, thanks!