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To all those who thought I might be a pain in the butt for posting and asking so many questions I just want to tell you all I’ve upgraded from a monthly subscription to a Lifetime Membership… lol



It’s usually just a matter of time. :wink:

Welcome to the club! :tada: :sparkler: :fireworks:

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Thanks Mark

Well worth the investment :+1:



Do you have or know where I can get some Steve Earle - The Mountain TAB full album :+1:

I don’t, but I’m sure @Archie will be along any time now. He’s a wealth of that kind of information.

Ok thanks Mark

Hi Lee, Congrats on the upgrade. I can tell you from personal experience this website is by far the instructional site for bluegrass instruments and it just gets better and better.

As for Steve Earle TABs the only one I recall seeing was Copperhead Road on the BHO many years ago.

You could try posting a TAB request.

Also checkout Tom Arri website.

Ok thanks for that Archie will have a look as some of the Banjo and Mando parts on the Album are class