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Licks - I LIKE 'EM!

I’m jumping ahead a bit to give myself something different to practice. I think I was stuck in a bit of a rut trying to make stuff perfect that I don’t have the skill for yet.

Started on the G-Lick a few days ago, and can play it as fast I can play anything.

Just started on the Foggy Mountain lick tonight, and am already almost there.

They’re like mini-songs that incorporate everything Ben has taught up to this point. I’m afraid to say it, but almost easy… I have to give @BanjoBen props for the curriculum. It feels like that might have been by design :laughing:

So much fun! Feeling like a real banjo player almost!


Though something I noticed about 15 minutes in, the 2-3 hammers started to get a little muddy (almost muted). It felt like the string was sinking into my finger tip, so I kept having to add more and more pressure.

Is that possible? I just don’t have hard enough callouses yet? Was an interesting phenomenon I noticed tonight. It doesn’t happen as badly on the slides. More noticeable on hammers.


Ain’t it great? That G lick really does make you sound like a legit banjo player.


Though I’ve never heard of that, I would say it’s quite possible.

Keep practicing hard. Soon, you’ll have those enviable rock hard callouses that every stringed instrumentalist desires. :grin:


Hi Mike, Hammers, Slides an Pull Off take a while to master. I can well recall the frustration and the physical pain and blood I had to endure as a beginner. Once you grow calluses the pain begins to ease.

Tip here for All, ease off on pressing the strings hard. All you need is just enough pressure for the string to touch the fret. Check to make sure your hammer finger comes down close to but not on the fret wire. It took me about two years to get a clean sounding hammer & pull off.