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Lest we forget 9/11

I watched the entire incident on live TV at home alone I could scarcely believe what I was seeing to be true. My thoughts and prayers are with the families who’s lives were torn apart on this day 18 years ago.


Exactly 365 days before I was born, if my math is correct.


Here’s a brief history recap for you.
I saw the second plane hit on live TV. I’ll never forget that or the crushing feeling of knowing we were under attack. The immediate aftermath brought out the America that I love and that I am proud of. We were one…for a while. Then, along came the republicans. Let’s not forget that the majority of the hijackers were Saudi’s. There was no rush to war with the Saudis. In fact today they can murder an American journalist with impunity and we’ll even sell them weapons to boot.

Back to the republican administration who went to great lengths to craft a lie to attack a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Thousands dead on both sides. The only accountability was a lawyer who did a few years in jail for outing a CIA operative because her husband refused to manufacture evidence regarding Iraq’s purchase of yellow cake uranium to fashion WMD’s. That was the lie they used to justify our invasion. Weapons of Mass Destruction. That’s treason in my book.

Let’s also not forget that the VP’s Haliburton buddies and others got filthy rich on no-bid contracts, based on lies while our soldiers died. Think about that when you look at the flag today. Our soldiers died because they lied to make a profit. Also, there were many dead Iraqi’s. We called them insurgents. They were just protecting their homes which I’m guessing is what all of our gun totin’ Americans would do if our country was invaded.

Now we have this latest batch of republicans who turn a blind eye to an actual criminal, an actual traitor and and a guy who, since he can’t control the weather, he will try control the information Americans get about the weather. How messed up is that?

So, yes, let us never forget 9/11…but let’s also remember what has come afterwards as well.

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You just saved me Gunnar. I called my Aunt earlier this evening and I’m on pain meds right now because kidney stones. In an effort to acknowledge the significance of today, when she answered, I cheerfully said “Happy 9 11 day”. Even in my current state of enhanced whatever, I realized that was stupid. I mean, how do you great someone and acknowledge a day like this?

Well then, I cheerfully say Happy Birthday young man :smiley::hugs::moon_cake::birthday::cake::cupcake::sparkler::tada::gift::hearts:


Thanks Archie for the sentiment and the remembrance and I second the notion.


Today is my best friends birthday. I had worked the night shift the night before, so slept til 2 to be able to go on a bike ride and dinner when she got off work @ 330. I had a message from her on my phone when i got up about things and turned on the tv. I just sat and cried watching the rerunning of it and listening to the news. It was a solemn bday for her.

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We shall never forget.

Side note I just saw on a documentary last night.

On 9/11, many of you may know that the President quickly left Florida and was flying over the Gulf of Mexico on Air Force One - careful to avoid the East Coast and also to stay airborne until all US airspace was clear (all planes air traffic was grounded).

What you may not know, President Bush felt compelled to address the nation and could not - at that time, from the air aboard Air Force One.

So… advised to the contrary, President Bush landed at Barksdale AFB (the HQ of 8th Air Force) - where I served for nearly 6 years in the late '80s.

President Bush courageously addressed the nation out of a sense of duty… then immediately went airborne again… unknowing of where and how long he would remain in the air at the time.

I was unaware of this but am proud that he did this at the base I called home for nearly 6 years on that fateful day…