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Lessons Seminar in Tennessee

Was trying to find out if Banjo Ben Clark was having any 3 or 4 day training seminars at your location in Tennessee?

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Welcome to the Banjo Ben Forum @SteveC.

I cannot answer your question but am confident someone will soon.

However, I wanted to reach out to welcome you here and ask you to consider responding and posting often because this forum is what we make of it.

Take Care…

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Hi @SteveC Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum, Ben is on a hunting trip at the moment, I am sure as soon as he gets back he will address your query in person.

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Hi @SteveC, Ben just hosted 30 students at his annual cabin camp this past Spring just outside Nashville and a great time was had by all. He’ll be doing that again next year and there has been discussion about additional dates and locations depending on interest. So, please please please stay tuned. @BanjoBen will probably reply to you with more up to date info when he returns from his travels.

Welcome to the forum and we hope to hear from you again.


I just noticed, the title of this thread can be sung to the tune of “little girl of mine in Tennessee” :joy::joy:


Yep! Right now I’m aiming for the last weekend in March 2020 and you need to make sure you’re on the list here:

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