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Lesson request: Doug's Tune

Hi Ben,

I’ve been a gold pick member for awhile and wonder if you would consider doing Dougs Tune in build a break.
I love the build a break lessons, and for me there a perfect fit. I’ve previewed the pickers on other sites and it seems a lot of skills are going on.
Love the music and the lessons.

Earl Stewart
Calcium, NY


Hey Earl, I think Doug’s tune is still under copyright, and Ben can’t yet teach it, but I believe he’s working on it.
Also, I changed the title to make the topic easier to reference, and so your email wasn’t floating around for bots to grab


Thank You so much for the information. The way Ben teaches leaves me hunger for new things to learn within my caplablaties. So sorry for the spelling.

Doug’s book has Doug’s Tune as well as a lot of other great songs.

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