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Lesson Filters and Free Lessons?

I’m a SILVER member, joined today. I like to peruse all I can for free, then would join if there is a strong value proposition.
So, I went to look at lessons. Yes, I know I can unlock 3 lessons in the next seven days. But, I’d like to see what I can for FREE (= unlocked, right?). So, I click on the “Free? YES” filter, but all sorts of lessons appear. CXlicking on the second lesson in the theory set, it says “sorry, locked”
Am I using the filtering incorrectly?

To view the FREE lessons. Click on the instrument of choice. Look to the left margin where it says FREE, Below click Yes then scroll down the page. See lessons with open padlock.

Hey Jeff,

Intro to Music Theory is a course made up of 11 different lessons. I’ve made the first lesson free, which is why it and the course is displayed when the “free” filter is applied. Most of my courses have initial lessons that are free to give you a taste of what it’s about. I’d sure be honored to have you on board!