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Lefty Neck For Sale

I happen to have a Lefty neck for the banjo if you’re interested. - But it’s specific to a particular type of banjo.

For Sale: 1 gorgeous custom neck made for a 70’s model Gibson RB250. This was made for the 2 piece flange. This custom piece was ordered through a dealer at the time of purchase (I know this because the original receipt came with it). The owner played it a ton but took very good care of it. It will need new frets which should run a few hundred but will be very playable afterwards. Aside from the frets being worn, the neck shows no sign of damage.

The value is subjective but a healthy range is between $500-$700 as is. Of course, I’d take more. :wink:

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O man, I should put that on my 200$ Washburn!! People would be like, “Oh look at that beautiful Gibson!! Oh wait, Something about the head does not look quite right…”


Wish I was a lefty :grin: