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Lee Spotts from Nampa, Idaho


What’s your favorite lesson on Ben’s site?
For now, I would have to say the Bag O’ Licks. They sound fantastic, are well played and explained by Banjo Ben, and with a little time and frustration can be learned. I have played for many years and am focusing on Bluegrass and “Breakout” solos. These videos are just the ticket. My playing is already improving.

How long have you been playing?
My first guitar was purchased with Blue Chip stamps in 1966. Been playing bother acoustic and bass ever since.

How long have you been a Gold Pick member?
I just became a Gold Pick member. 3 years ago I came on board with a month to month membership. After looking for a local instructor and not being able to find one, I realized Banjo Ben was the guy. This is saving me some hard earned “dinero” as well. (I am originally from San Diego so Spanish is my first language.)

What’s your favorite hobby?
After pickin’? A distant 2nd is fly fishing.

Which character on do you resonate with most and why?
Without a doubt Mulletman! I am bald and when I see the mullet, I think of what could have been.

What was your inspiration to learn how to play the banjo/guitar/mandolin?
A strong sense of compassion and love for others. Creating music has been a vehicle for bringing happiness, healing, joy, and comfort to others.

What’s your instrument of choice?
Acoustic guitar. I have a couple of Taylors. The 716e in my newest. I will be picking up a very vintage Gibson in Bakersfield next month. I cannot wait. It is from the 30’s and I am getting it from the original owner. He turns 95 next month. How awesome is that?!

What do you do for a living?
Play music, lead worship, and remotely create backyard landscape and pool designs for a builder in San Diego part time. I am currently semi-retired living in the Boise area.


Way, WAY awesome! I think I’d bring a video camera with me to record any stories he tells about that guitar… cuz you know he has some. :slight_smile:


A pleasure to meet you Lee. Your post brought back memories of the S&H Green Stamps. I wonder how many pages it took for you to get the guitar haha. I hope you can post a few pictures of that 30’s Gibson when you get it. Congratulations!

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Great to meet you Lee! How often do you use those surf boards in Idaho?:grin:

Nice to meet you Lee!

Enjoyed reading your lil bio there Lee. Keep on pickn Brother…

Greetings, Lee! Nice interview and congratulations on being Gold Picker of the Week!