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I started using the new Beginner Guitar Learning Tracks last night. Great! Today, however, when i choose them they won’t open. The progress wheel just spins and spins. I’ve tried it from 2 different wifi locations. Using ipad pro on IOS 11.0.3

Have the same problem, when im logged in. if im not logged in, it works.

The new site is still having a couple of hiccups here and there. I just tried it from a Windows PC on Chrome and from my iPhone in Safari. Both seemed to work fine. Can you check it again? If you’re still having a problem, can you post a link here of one of the videos causing an issue? I’ll get it over to the developer.




As Mark has said the site is still being tested so you might encounter a few problems. I tested every single video link before the site went live and all were working. Some videos might be slow to load/ stream give the video a few moments to download. These are big files and depending on the quality of your internet connection/ browsing device that may have an impact on connection. If you continue to have problems please tell us which videos your having problems with, which device your using (i.e PC, Mac, Tablet, iPhone. Which browser your using and your Broadband Speed. This will help Ben’s Development Team identify what’s the causing these problems and help improve the quality of the website over all. Thank you for your patience

If im logged in, i can go banjo then filter beginner and it lists them. And i can watch them and so forth. Its all working. But if i click banjo and choose the Beginner Banjo Learning Track. nothing happens, it just spinning. Im on a pc using firefox 100mbit. thanks for helping
As a sidenote as i said earlier. when im not logged in it does work. So its something connecting the account and saves to the Beginner Banjo Learning Track. I suppose

Mark ,

I’m not having any issues at all with any videos playing. They all load and play as they always have. When choosing an instrument fromt top menu, then choosing Learning Tracks for that instrument; nothing happens. As someone else noted in this thread; if I log out and repeat it works just fine. Last night I watched about 5 videos in the Learning Track and maked them complete each time and chose to open to the next video in the list. This morning when I tried to do the same thing is when I started having the issue. I hope no one thinks I’m complaining…I’m definitely not. I’m just trying to help in the de-bug process of such a huge undertaking of this AWESOME new website!


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I promise no one thinks you’re complaining. :slight_smile:
This is good info. I’ll take what you’ve posted and get it over to the developers. I appreciate your input. Just got a few little minor kinks to address, so your posts are invaluable to getting those worked out!


1 Like THANK Y’ALL for your feedback! Y’all please keep posting the issues here! Y’all are really helping and I appreciate your patience as we get this monstrosity rolling :wink: It really is going to be good.

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Thought I’d give you an update. I’ve tried this on both my Ipad (as noted earlier) and on my mac desktop. I’ve used Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Latest software updates on all. The same thing happens. However, on my iphone 6s+ I can use the learning tracks, but it doesn’t check the boxes of the lessons I’ve completed. Fortunately all this testing is making me a better guitar player :grinning:


HA! That’s the spirit! :slight_smile:

Update: the Learning Tracks are working perfectly now. Thanks!


Great to hear, thank you!

yeah same here. It’s working for me too

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