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Learning to Frail - Clawhammer Banjo

I have seen a few requests for lessons on Frailing/Clawhammer Banjo appear recently on the forum and today a name from my past appeared on my YouTube recommended list. Patrick Costello.

Patrick used to be very popular on the BHO way back when I was gettin started a little over ten years ago but somehow he fell fowl of the Mods. (The Management) Let me just say right off the bat, that wasn’t too difficult. But I shan’t dwell on that topic.

Patrick was little more than a boy back then, come to think of it there was another cocky banjo boy starting to teach around that time can’t quite recall his name possibly Benjamin Clark don’t know what became of him.

Anyhow I clicked on the link and WoW I soon discovered Patrick has been a busy boy. Here is a link to his YouTube Channel you frailer’s an old timers go knock yourself out. Have some fun this weekend since your on lockdown.

Remember - Stay Home Stay Safe this Easter - Think about it, the life you save may just be your own


Thanks @Archie - ever so helpful!


I try, facepalm_1

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