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Learning Stage Electronics?

Does anyone know of a source to learn basic stage electronics for bluegrass bands? Patch cables, condensers, it’s all foreign to me. It seems like every forum I read on the subject quickly gets into a chest-pounding match between people trying to prove they know more than everyone. And in the end, beginners like me still have that confused look on their faces.
I’m talking about “Bluegrass Stage Electronics For Dummies” here! I realize that the first question you are going to ask me is “What environment are you playing? Indoors, Outdoors, etc” I get it! But let’s start with the raw basics. There has to be a place one can learn this stuff!

I learned by owning and working on different systems in different environments…and reading plenty of owners manuals to start.

I can answer some specific questions and the .net can answer many more, but I don’t know of any sources off hand.

Bluegrass or not it is basically simple sound reinforcement…

maybe check this out…

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Really don’t have any interest in this before, but thought this set of videos was really good and informative. I watched the first 2 in the series and plan to watch the others. Thanks @fiddle_wood

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I think this is the key.

Most bluegrass stage plots are pretty simple- lots of dynamic mics and/or large diaphragm condensers. What is more difficult is learning what each instrument should sound like and figuring out how to get that sound under varying circumstances. It takes a lot of critical listening, and in the absence of a mentor, a lot of experimentation.

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I can help out if possible.

What everyone said above: +1

It takes some time to learn what sound reinforcement SHOULD sound like for a given size venue and type of music . It takes experience, time, knowledge and some trial and error to get to where that can happen regularly. It is really awesome to have a friend out front with a good ear. You could have the best ear and a ton of knowledge, but when you are behind the speakers you can’t tell (at all) what it sounds like out there.

I do not have much Bluegrass specific experience, but I can help with general gear questions.