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Learning more than just banjo

In addition to learning my various forward rolls tonight… I learned that approximately one hour is the absolute maximum time limit that my lovely wife of 18 years can listen to me practicing beginner Banjo from the other side of the house!!! :joy::joy::joy:


An hour is a fairly good banjo practice tolerance level…

When I was 15 (first year) I played banjo all I could in the the house…until spring…

Ma couldn’t take it any more…so politely asked me to move outside…I went to the porch…

With the kitchen (front Door) being right off from the porch that only lasted a couple days with the door open…

Poor Ma felt so bad as she apologized and asked me to go farther away…She .didn’t want to discourage my music, but needed some peace and quiet just for sanity’s sake…

I ended up sitting on a large limb that ran level with the ground for about 10" or so in a big old Box Elder tree out back in the field.

Didn’t get asked to move again, and I could still hear the bell for dinner from there thank goodness.


My wife shares that sentiment, I am sure!

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I once evoked the comment “What fresh hell is this?” when I started practicing a new song.


I put a couple of t-shirts in the banjo and it made it quiet enough to please her (my wife) and the neighbors. I know pickers are gasping at that. But beginners have to do what they have to do. I’ll work on the sound when my new Radio King 36 gets here Friday. No t-shirts going in this one.

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I know it’s Recording King sorry about the typo.

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I just keep reminding my wife… If we are ever going to move to Pigeon Forge after I retire…
Being able to play the banjo very well will help me get a part time job at Dollywood!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Check out my Mike’s Mute review post. It might help you get to play longer. :slight_smile: