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Lead into what child is this

I’m working on the song what child is this in 3/4 time key of G does anyone have a good potato in other versions it starts with a forward backward roll but I can’t find the notes that work. Thanks for reading and any help.


Hi @Sailor David

I take it you are working from @BanjoBen 's Arr . The tune it’s self is really an Old English folk tune I think it dates back to the Tudor period.

Ben kicks it off with a two note intro which covers the first word of the song “Alas” which has two syllables. This is how it is traditionally played. What you could do is take the last line of the tune “And who but my lady Greensleeves.” and place it at the beginning ahead of the two pick up notes “Alas” Like you might do as a turnaround.

Listen to the ending on this then add the two note pickup and you should get a sense of what I am suggesting.


Thanks I’ll try it

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