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Larger print for TEF files

Has anyone discovered a way to male the view of the TRF file larger? My old eyes are struggling to read them .


Hi Dan, Not to the best of my knowledge. You could could enquire over on the Banjo Hangout TAB Request Forum or join the TablEdit Group on Yahoo and chat directly with Matthieu Leschemelle the software author


Thanks Archie.

Yep, I can do it on Mac by pressing command+shift+>
Or you can use the menu button:


Thanks @BanjoBen I never knew that

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Ben, I don’t get the same selections when I select view. I am running tabledit on a PC with windows 10

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Hi Dan @Rebounder I concur with you. It seems the PC version doesn’t have the Zoom feature

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Wish I could help! I don’t have a PC to test it on, sorry!

I guess in time the zoom feature will be added to the new PC version at some point. Personally I am not too happy with many of the changes in version 3.xx Some old features I really liked are gone in the new version and several new features which I have no use for just complicate maters. In many ways using ver 3.xx feels like I am back Beta Testing a brand new application when all I want to be doing is writing and editing TABs. If you are new to the software you will/should not encounter any of these issues.

I have both old and new versions installed on my PC although I only use version 3.xx for TABs created in version 3.xx which means any TEF files @BanjoBen creates going forward will require TefView Ver3 or Tabledit Ver3 to open these files.

So just to clarify. If a TEF file is created in version 3 you can’t open it in version 2.7. Also some features are lost or changes occur when you open a TEF file created in ver 2.7 in the new version.

So for the time being I am sticking with version 2.7 as my primary solution.