Knight Rider on bluegrass (and other) instruments


This is so good it could almost pass for the original song.


That just made this 80’s kid very happy. Thank you Mark.

Does he do The A-Team theme? That would be super rad.


Love every little thing about that. Was that a round file he was using as a “bow?”

I gotta go search amazon for that shirt…


Wicked awesome. A black leather jacket and some tight pants would complete this ensemble. That was his evil twin Garthe Knight with the rat tail file. (season 2)


Great find @Mark_Rocka


I’m still wondering what kind of banjo that is. I thought it was a guitjo at first, but it only has 5 strings. Maybe a 5 string guitjo?


It appears to have an Irish Harp ( Guinness emblem ) inlay. That may help you identify the make and model


That is great! I don’t know the banjo, but I sell the basses…they are so cool:


Nice plug @BanjoBen


I looked up the cello banjo you have on the store. Fantastic!


This instrument arrived literally half an hour ago, look how easy it is to play, and this just happens to be Rob Mackillop a banjo and guitar virtuoso


It was that easy because he had Jake at the General Store to straighten the thing out before he got it. I guess this is the 4 string version. What a cool noise.


Rob is also a world-renown lutenist, composer and advocate for Scottish lute music. Love that cello banjo!!