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Km 140?

Hi, @BanjoBen and @Jake, I have been considering buying a Kentucky km 150, (in about four or five months) and today while doing some snooping at saga instruments and found out they make a 140 model also. Now my questions are these: 1 how does the 140 compare to the 150? 2 How much would you sell it for? 3 does the 140 have solid back and sides? 4 Have either of you played the 140? And if you have what did you think of it?

Hey! We don’t carry the 140 and I’ve never played one, not even familiar with it, though the price differential and spec differences should be there on Saga’s site. You can expect about the same price differential with us, perhaps a little more since those are list prices.

Okay that’s about what I figured anyway, I don’t think it mentioned wther the back and sides were solid so I assume they aren’t. I realized you don’t carry it but you are a Kentucky dealer so could probably get one. On an unrelated (sort of) topic, I know you also deal blueridge guitars, and gold star banjos (i think) and at least used to have a cremona violin for sale, do you sell any other saga instruments and if not could you get them?

I can ask for anything they have on their site, and I’m happy to do that, but they list a lot of things that they don’t currently have in stock. If there’s something in particular, shoot us a message through the store’s contact form and we’ll try to get it for you!

Thanks, I’m not in the market just yet (being penniless) but if I ever buy one of their instruments I’d love to order from your shop. :wink:

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