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Kentucky KM-150s are impressive

I have to say that I was skeptical at first. Jake sent me one he set up cause I wanted to give it to some friends in Israel as a gift for hosting us. I fell in love with the thing in the meantime. @Jake, ship me another one?


I’ll ship you another one…if you promise to play it while buck dancing in a kilt. But please don’t do it on a windy day.




Sweet sounding instrument!


@BanjoBen and @Jake, why isn’t this video beneath the pictures of this mandolin in the store?

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Thanks for the heads up. I think we did this video before the new site was up maybe? Either way we will fix it. Thanks again.

I think you did do this before the new site. Glad to help, this is a great instrument, I want to get one sometime… :pray:

Who would want to see @BanjoBen dancing in a kilt???:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Are you quoting this post? If so, :joy: :joy_cat: :joy:

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Yeah, that may not help the sale of the mandolin! :grin:

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I dont know if @Jake meant he was sposed to film it :thinking: maybe? :man_shrugging:

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What tune is that at 2:37? Sounds like a famous classic music tune - Mozart or Bach?

Unless I’m very much mistaken, that tune would be Sailor’s Hornpipe. I believe Ben teaches it here on the site.

@jsmbrown, I think that @Fisherbro is right it’s sailors hornpipe. @BanjoBen why don’t you record your next mandolin lesson on one of these? :wink:

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I had a few spare minutes…DONE!



Super impressed @BanjoBen! Great job!:rofl::joy:

Seek and ye shall find :star_struck:

Just went to that lesson and looking at the video cover I’m thinking, “that looks like the rattler, oh! He thought I meant the song :joy:” I actually meant why not do the next lesson on a km150 :joy: :roll_eyes:

I totally understand the misunderstanding, as the context was misleading