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Keith D-Tuners for Banjo or Guitar

Y’all check it out and snag a set while we still have them:

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Hey, very nice! I did a search on them and found a great description with full disassembly pics to explain how they work.

Does this mean your planning on teaching some D Tuner tunes @BanjoBen ?

Sure, though most all of them are copyrighted.

Any reviews of Keith’s book on using tuners from thoses that have used tuners? Earl’s book seems to be only 2nd and 3rd string.

It’s been years since I played with Keith tuners, but if memory serves correctly, Leaning On the Everlasting Arms lends itself really well to 2nd and 3rd string Keith tuners. I just checked and it looks like it was published in 1887.

I have installed the Keith tuners and I am really enjoying the flexibilty. The installation was relatively easy. Flint Hill Special is one of my favorite Flatt and Scruggs. Thanks Jake. I will likely order Keith’s book to see what else I am missing.


Just to add a bit of trivial info. , Flint Hill is the neighborhood that Earl grew up in, in Shelby, NC.

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