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Kaleb's Debut!

Hi Ben! Kaleb was recruited for a local band last November and he made his debut with them last Saturday. The name of the band is Kevin Pace and the Early Edition. This was at the George, Washington Coffee House Series. A little Bluegrass Breakdown!

Ok, Think I was able to get it!


Woohoo! That’s some fine picking, Kaleb! Really great job. I should go ahead and request an autograph now. :slight_smile:

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Thats some mighty fine pickin!

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Great Job Kaleb

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Wow, That was excellent !

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AWESOME!!! I’m so proud of him!

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Any chance of a dropbox post. I dont do Facebook. Would really like to hear.

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The link should still work even if you don’t have a facebook account. It may ask you to join but just click “not now” and view the video.

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Treblemaker, did you get it to work? I’m going to be asking the band leader (Kevin Pace) if we can upload to YouTube. If he is ok with that I will post that link here.

Appreciate that Bob. I’ll check on my wife’s PC. Looking forward to hearing it.

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That was incredible! Loved the F chord. The chokes were really tight too. Was it Old Joe Clark?

I see them playing with what I’m pretty sure is a condenser mic. Is that correct? From what I’m gathering, whoever does the break steps a little closer to the mic than everyone else, then backs away for the next guy.

A bluegrass live performance is setup so much differently than other types of music. Really cool.



This was Bluegrass Breakdown. Yes, it is a condenser mic. Kaleb says that this is an older way of doing breaks, but because there is only one condenser mic, it is necessary.

Very interesting…thank you.