Kaleb Dion- Earl's breakdown


Kaleb had a concert Saturday night and seemed like he was really having fun with this one. The band he is with is Kevin Pace and the Early Edition.


Great Job Kaleb, and not a D tuner in sight.


Actually I have Kieth tuners that are built into the peg head. Thanks! -Kaleb


Wow. Amazing job. One of my favourites for sure. Amazing sound.


Hi Kaleb - Sorry my bad - I thought you had played it without using D tuners - I just watched it again and this time I focused on the playing and not the playful actions which kinda caught my eye first time through




Is that a quarter or half step bend? When do we get to hear Flint Hill Breakdown? The worlds your oyster if you choose to make banjo your career.


Good question! I had to check on that one. I’m doing a half step bend (or lowering the note down a fret from the actual note). I do play Flint Hill Special if you want me to do a video.


Yep, I look forward to it. :+1:


I did catch your Flint Hill video a few weeks back. Been traveling a lot this summer, so I haven’t had much time for the forum. You were phenomenal as I knew you would be. Thanks for providing the video.


Tried to watch this but says video unavailable :disappointed


Yep, was working now seems to have been blocked Kaleb


Earl’s Breakdown broke down.


Sorry Guys! My Mom accidentally deleted it off YouTube when trying to upload another video when I was at banjo camp. She got it reloaded but of course it is not the same link. Here is the new link. She apologizes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptt3bOF5CcY


Mark, Is there any way for me to change the link in the original post?


Hi Kaleb you should be able to go into your original post and delete the old link and paste the new one. Along from the HEART you should see a PENCIL click on that and it will open the thread for editing. Then click on the blue button to save the changes


Thanks Archie! I can find the pencil on my most recent post (today) but that option doesn’t seem to be there for the original post. Is there a possibility that I can’t edit it after a certain time period?


There you go. As a Mod I have the power to edit. :rofl:

Just for future reference see the three little dots on that same line Click on them and that opens additional options. There you will find the pencil


You Rock Archie! Thanks!


No you Rock Kaleb. Just love your pickin.