Kaleb Dion- Earl's breakdown


Kaleb had a concert Saturday night and seemed like he was really having fun with this one. The band he is with is Kevin Pace and the Early Edition.


Great Job Kaleb, and not a D tuner in sight.


Actually I have Kieth tuners that are built into the peg head. Thanks! -Kaleb


Wow. Amazing job. One of my favourites for sure. Amazing sound.


Hi Kaleb - Sorry my bad - I thought you had played it without using D tuners - I just watched it again and this time I focused on the playing and not the playful actions which kinda caught my eye first time through




Is that a quarter or half step bend? When do we get to hear Flint Hill Breakdown? The worlds your oyster if you choose to make banjo your career.


Good question! I had to check on that one. I’m doing a half step bend (or lowering the note down a fret from the actual note). I do play Flint Hill Special if you want me to do a video.


Yep, I look forward to it. :+1: