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"Just Over In The Gloryland

Can anybody help me with this song in a intermediate version. Verse, chorus, and solo (solo not a big need) Thanks in advance :grinning:

Here’s a tab to Sammy Shelor’s break on Team Flathead (Page 4):

When you say the solo is not a big need, are you saying you just want help with backup? If so, I think that’s been discussed here quite a few times…

You’re in luck! Ben released Build a Break lessons for this song for mandolin and guitar over the past two weeks. If history is a good guide, the banjo will be next week. If you can hang tight, I bet everything you need will be served up very soon.


Awesome can’t wait!

Thank you @Michael_Mark. Is there music to go with those tabs in the link

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@tucker, you can purchase Steve Huber’s Team Flathead album (or just the one track) to hear the cut. Glad to help!