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Just ordered a Bluechip pick from the BB store!

So, I’m all in now! I just ordered my first Bluechip pick from the Banjo Ben store. Been playing around with a lot of picks and wearing out a lot of picks lately. So, I took the plunge. Can’t wait to try this thing out when it arrives!


If you wear out a BlueChip any time soon, you might need to look at taking a break. :laughing:

You’re gonna love it!


We need more info!.. Model, thickness, bevel or not, etc. All we know is that it’s brown!

Yes, Mark’s right… you’ll love it!



I’m just a beginner guitarist myself, but like you, I took the plunge and purchased a bluechip . Your guitar is going to sound a lot different with this pick, and you’re going to like the new sound. I know I do.


I got the Chris Thile Blue chip pick for Christmas and I love it. I’m sure it will serve you well @DSoleil


Of course! Thank you for asking! TD50. Tear drop shape. And when it arrives, I better be able to play the entire Tony Rice Manzanita album right out of the package or @BanjoBen and I are gonna have words! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Of course!.. You will be able to play all of that! I can play it, no problem… It just doesn’t quite sound the same: You know, with all the missed notes, wrong notes, off timing, much slower, not as clean, sometimes cussing and mutterings that aren’t heard on the original album. Other than the afore mentioned items, I sound just like Tony with my BlueChip!

Yeah, good luck with that!

But seriously, the 50 thickness is about perfect for flatpicking guitar in my opinion… Let us know how you like it!


I can’t wait. What really bugs me is the slightly grainy feeling as you wear through a regular pick. I’m excited to get rid of that! (And to play the Manzanita album! Ha!)


@DSoleil, great choice! You’ll definitely LOVE the pick! I know that I have 3 of them and love them all :slight_smile: . Let me know what you think of it!


My favorite six words!!!


Clearly, this will be the longest three hours of my life. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I know the feeling. I spent ALL day yesterday tracking the UPS truck as it drove around my city (purposely avoiding my house!!) with my D-28 which was being sent back from Gruhn Guitars after getting some repairs. If I could give you some advice, find something to do. :joy:


Anticipation is the worst! I switched to a blue chip right after I started to learn and the diff was night and day! ENJOY and Happy picking :sunglasses:


It arrived! I have to admit, I’m pretty blown away by the Bluechip pick. First time playing it, it’s smooth as can be off the strings. The tone is amazing too. It made me discover great resonances on my guitar I didn’t know were there. Such a joy to play with this pick. So, maiden voyage with the Bluechip was a huge success.

My daughter did freak out about how much daddy paid for a pick, but the difference is fur-real. The next test is can it hold up over time. I’ve heard they last for years. I will believe it when I see it, but I’m excited to put this pick through the paces.

Is it worth all the dough? Yeah. It is. If you are searching for amazing tone and ease of playing, it lives up to the hype.

Thanks @BanjoBen! It was worth the wait.


I agree, and thanks for the great review. Plus the folks at Bluechip are really good people so I love supporting them.


I don’t know which pick you picked, but I also took the plunge & picked a Blue Chip JD Crowe Thumb pick. I’ve been using it for about5 months now and I cannot seem to convince anyone that $40 is a reasonable price for this thumb pick.
I loved it from the moment I first tired it on. It fit “right.” And it continues to fit right as I bang on the banjo.
The reason I bought it was because I know many pro canoe racers. Guys that are comfortable with an 80 stroke per minute paddling rate. And they can keep it up for 8 hours. What I learned from them is just how much the devil is in the details. Teeny, tiny little details. Things we would never think about, the pros have thought about for years.
The Blue Chip JD Crowe thumb pick has had a lot of thought put into it, and that make it worth the price.
The downside is, it used to be fun trying a slew of different thumb picks.
Now, there’s just no point.


I’m with you! I switched to the blue chip and the Sheller SS and right out the gate big difference in feel and comfort. I to am a big believer in quality and I got what I paid for no doubt worth every penny!:sunglasses:


@DSoleil I have the Bluechip TP48 and really like it. I think you will too…