Just joined and a banjo lefty


hello everyone!!!

I just registered to join and ready to learn!! I am excited about this website because of the reputation. Being left handed has some advantages and unfortunately disadvantages. Any fellow lefties out there?

Lefty or Righty doesn’t matter !!! I just love playing and hope to learn from this site



Welcome Jim, I am a Righty. It may be a few day’s before Ben get’s an opportunity to respond he is currently on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.


HI Jim, and welcome to the forum!

I’m left handed but play right…totally could not coordinate the other way.


Welcome. I am left handed but learning banjo (six months) righty. My brother is left handed, playing guitar left for several years, and now learning banjo left handed.


Hi Jim,

Welcome. While ambidextrous, I play “Righty” but wish you well.

I am confident you will thoroughly enjoy the site and support of Ben, Archie, Mark and all us supporting cast of players at all levels!


Hi Jim,
Delighted to have you aboard,
I’m curious if you are using a right handed banjo, and playing it left handed…
Or did you find a left handed banjo?

Again, Welcome!!!



Welcome, Jim! Glad to have you.

As a kid, I always wanted to hold instruments left handed. It felt more natural. My parents forced me to learn right handed. I don’t think I could even attempt left handed playing today.

Ben tries really hard to not say “left hand / right hand” in his videos. I’ll be curious to hear your progress in the future and your opinion on how easy his material is to learn for a lefty.

See you around the board!


no I purchased a savannah left handed banjo and played It for 6 mos. When I realized how much I like playing I then purchased a deering goodtime banjo and absolutely love it !!!


thank you !!! I will keep everyone updated on my progress


Be sure to post some videos Jim it’s a good way to help you monitor your own progress.


Just wondered if any left handed people trying to learn from a right hand player has anyone tried using a large mirror and have the right hand player play and you look at the reflection in the mirror. would that turn the right hand player around and give you the appearance of a left hand player with the instrument? Does that work?


I think it would be easier for a lefty to learn from a righty on video since it would be like a mirror image.


Welcome my fellow lefty!!! Being left handed definitely presents a few challenges in the music world… but nothing in this world that is worth doing is usually easy. I’ve been strictly guitar for years… but thanks to this site, I am looking to take the plunge into the banjo world as well. Only time will tell.


I’m trying to find you one…having a heck of time but we’ll get it done!


I have complete faith in you!!! Till then… You have plenty guitar songs I have yet to master.
This site has made guitar learning and playing a lot more enjoyable.
Just wish my fingers could move half as fast as yours.


sorry its been a while with work but man I am loving this website. I have been thru a couple instructors and I have to say I have learned more from this website about banjo techniques. Trust me I learned a lot from my instructors and not knocking them at all. Its just more convenient for me online. I have made progress in the month I have joined with learning the G lick and other useful tips. I am picking up more songs as well. if your on FB check out banjo jim that’s my user name. there are some videos there. trust me I am a beginner at best and the videos are nothing to cheer at but its fun and I love it!!!

will check back soon!!!



Glad to have you!


any suggestions on how long one should practice. I can knock out two hours because time flies but is that beneficial?
Do I need to work on stamina. After being in the operating room and a long day of surgery I find my hand are clumsier than usual.
Is this something that gets better with time?

stay warm and safe for all my friends who are enjoying this snow



If you can knock out two hours of practice and play and you’re not experiencing any pain, have at it! Yes, I think it’s beneficial. It does make sense that you would experience fatigue after intense use of your hands, and i do believe endurance grows with time.


almost done with the beginner track and man am I satisfied!!! I will take some time fine tuning some of the concepts than its back to the grindstone with intermediate.