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Just got hearing aids

After years of procrastination, I finally got some hearing aids (all my sibs have had them for years). Wow, things are way different when I practice my flatpicking now; not necessarily better overall, just different. For example, I now hear lots of different things that I hadn’t heard before when picking, like harmonics, “scrapes” of the pick on the wound strings (I’m sure there’s a name for that sound but don’t know what it is :-)) I even hear a “thunk” sometimes when I fret a string fairly vigorously with one of my left fingers.

As @welder4 pointed out a couple of years ago on this forum, most if not all of this will subside once my brain gets used to it. But it’s weird now.

Haven’t even tried my banjo yet! :slight_smile:


Careful with that banjo! Haha! I remember getting my ears cleaned out after spending all summer on a tractor in a hayfield (and I didn’t wear ear protection, like a dummy). I got into my truck to drive away from the doc’s office and heard something clicking…I thought something was wrong with my truck or I had something hung beneath it. I finally figured out that it was my seatbelt flapping in the wind from my window being down…had never heard it. So, I kind of know what you mean :wink:


yes…having reached that age of hearing problems, sounds are different from the strings…for me and my aids (phonak w/5 user adjments) I must go to the ones w/least of all back ground noise…just my nickels worth…

Thanks for replying! Still getting used to string scrapes and learning not to chew crunchy stuff while listening to something! :no_mouth:

We all have items to over come but overcome them we will , presently I am losing control of my picking hand but I am working on a fix , the 1800.00 hearing aid bit the dust and have to wait another year before insurance will pay the bill again. I purchased some cheap hearing aids and one was a Siemens so it works very well little over a hundred so I ain’t hurt to bad . Never give up no mnatter what it is you are trying to do you will find a way to do it . Keep pickin that good music !!