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Just for fun. Emails, black Friday deals, and 2020 之

So there i was, just woke up from an alarm i set to wake up and snatch some of those sweet accessories deals, waiting to pounce on that sweet sunrise tone guard i been eyeballing for a while, and a few picks to experiment a little with my mandolin playing. I just recently made it triumphantly all the way through version 3 of build-a-break on Unclouded Day, and it took this novice, weeks安uh-eeeeks, to hit it clean. So of course, as a beginner, im thinking Im pretty much ready for the Opry now. u know the feeling, hit those slides and hammer-ons after hours and hours of practicing till ur hands are sore the next day, and electricity shoots out of the end of your mandolin and your fingers move on their own like the hand from the Addams Family. Feeling like Im somebody, I started to eyeball that sugar sweet blonde KM-752 Mando bundle and tell myself Im worth it, I mean it has a radiused fret board, i need that如robably, I dont know, Ill Google what it is later. Besides, Jesse would want me to have it, even if his forward roll style makes u wanna cry in the corner; but, then again, banjo ben wants u to hook that lifetime membership deal. A firemans salary wont allow both before Christmas, and I decide im not ready to turn my back on my Eastman oval hole md-304 just yet. Well, I am, but I can stick it out with the old mule for one more year until I can save up again for an f-hole thats got a little pizazz. So, for now, the lifetime membership deal is what I decided to pull the trigger on when it comes up. My life has been enriched greatly by this first year of gold pick awesomeness so I decided a lifetime of awesomeness sounds pretty good, plus Ben proheticley warned in his video that lifetime memberships might not be around forever. And if 2020 has taught me nothing, it has taught me that all financial and major life decisions should be based solely on fear. Ill save up for an f- hole next year, and hopefully get to come to the cabin camp thing sooner than later. So, as I reflect on these decisions and watch the promo video for the new general store for the 100th time and put my hand over my heart when the eagle Flys out of the KEEE-YAHH guys America punch on the porch and I repeat my Scruggs not drugs mantra, I scroll down an old email to check the countdown clocks for these deals again, and I see this

Now, I know, Im new, and not that good, yet, and got no business questioning anyone with actual talent, but夷s that mandolin守pside-down:face_with_monocle:

I hope the BanjoBen team and their families have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving as well as all the members and there families. Im grateful for many things and this forum, community, and team is for sure one of them. Glad we can still not take ourselves too serious and have a good time considering everything else. Feel free to post your tongue and cheek stories of newbie struggles for those needing a good laugh.


After my spending spree, I think Im coming to the conclusion Scruggs IS drugs, packaged differently, but just as addictive.

However, the high seems to last longer.:crazy_face:


Hahaha! You got that right.


Gotta reach out to those southpaws so they dont think theyre all alone. :wink:

Honestly, its probably just a right-handed picture inverted for a little variety in the background image. You might be the first person to actually notice that, though. I bet Ive seen that picture a hundred times and never saw it.


Thats exactly what I was thinking. In my mind I imagine some guys taking stock photos for the internet and the poor guy was a lefty and all they had was a mando with a pick guard and he tried to tell them it wouldnt look right and them telling him no one cares, and something artsy like it adds drama to the photograph, haha. Im glad u stood up for our lefty bros,brother,.

Honestly Im sure I only noticed it because it was late and the lack of sleep had me seeing things. Things get weird at the station at night, haha :man_firefighter:t4: :turkey:


BTW- As one year for me passed, I too decided the Lifetime Gold Pick was the way to go.
Thank you for confirming the wisdom of my spending spree!:+1:


A comfortable site is all we could ask for really and thats what we have ! take care now!

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@Smoky_Mountain_James This made me laugh, thank you!!!