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Just an idea

Been thinking under the banjo shop section, maybe perhaps under the image having a short mp3 of how the banjo sounds would be good? Everyone has a certain sound they like and I know huber do this on some of their banjo’'s. Could be helpful in choosing a banjo for some? Just a thought. I know people can go on YouTube and search up the model but there are so many variables in recording gear that the same model of banjo can sound totaly different from video to video. Where as @banjo Ben has the proper tools for recording and for the sound to be consistent. What do you think? Good/bad idea?? :wink:


Great idea, and I have demo videos for a lot of them…have you seen those? They’re on the banjo store pages. Eventually I’ll have them recorded for everything I carry. Check out this M5, for instance:


I hope you can get all of those done pretty soonish :slight_smile:

Hi @BanjoBen look forward to hearing you play the Stelling Banjo’s It took me a while to get used to the Master Flower because the neck is so much thinner than my Fender.

No I’ve not seen the demo videos. Will check them out. That’s great to hear. The banjo Ben store has to be the greatest music store I’ve come across…now please open one in the UK? Lol :rofl: Will you be having any Sammy Shelor picks in the store in the near future?

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Beg ya pardon, yes looking again I did see those videos. Yes it would be great if there were little mp3’'s under the products. Look forward to seeing the growth of this great store. :+1:

I hope to stock those soon, thanks!

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Hey, @BanjoBen don’t you have a video of the Northfield archtop octave that should be up there? Also, not to be nitpicky or anything (which means I’m DEFINITELY about to be VERY nitpicky) isn’t there also one of the km650?

Thanks! I do have a video of the maple octave that I need to connect to it. I don’t think I have one yet for the 650.

I thought I had seen a video jake did of some special y’all were running on one (km650) but I can’t find it, maybe it was a different mando :thinking:

We have the octave vid up now, though I only have one with the maple.

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