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Jimmy Martin Big country

I’ve been looking all over for a tutorial on this, but all I come up with is Bela’s version. Anyone seen a tut on Jimmy’s anywhere? Looks like I will have to slow it down and try to pick out the notes. :yum:

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Hi @Jono Pretty sure it’s JD Crowe pickin on this one.

You might try Sean Ray he has studied JD closely and may have a tutorial/tab

Check this out - Banjo Newsletter - Janet Davis

You might find a better arrangement in one of these publications

I haven’t, but that’s a cool tune! Doesn’t sound like it’d be too hard to figure out though

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You are like a wise sage of resource knowledge. An encyclopedia of Bluegrass Media.

“Go see the old man who lives at the dead-end of Lincoln Avenue on the Northside of town, number 739. Tell him I sent you. In his 3rd desk drawer, he has a folder which contains the tab you seek. One more thing - and hear me well… be sure not make mention about the broken Banjo in the room as this will anger him. GO… Now!

It is like, how can @Archie know so much from so many places?!

Not to diminish all the other fine contributions and efforts across the Forum… but you Sir, are the backbone of this site and continue to set a high standard of helpfulness for us all through your many examples to help everyone here on this fine site!


Thanks Archie, will check out those links. :+1:


Hi @WillCoop, The reason I know so much is I asked a lot of questions when I started out as a banjo newbie. I have done a lot of research on my own. I have searched the WWW and I have watched 1000’s of hours of video footage that includes tutorials, workshops and documentary films, As well as reading a stack of banjo bibles. I must confess I don’t know it all, but the more of this stuff I study eventually some of this stuff sticks and what doesn’t stick I use a bit of common sense and lateral thinking to seek out answers.

Also I am not shy about contacting top level banjo pickers and asking for help. Almost all those I have written to over the past ten or more years have been more than happy to help. It’s good to be able to give a little back to the banjo community.



You are a dedicated soul… both on the research end and the supporting side!

It is obvious, your knowledge - and I think I speak for all here… that we appreciate and thank you.

Have you ever reached out to the Banjo player in Volume Five… Patton Wages? He has just a great sound and is one of my fav new artists! Just listen to 95 Years…

Also, I don’t know if you are familiar with Trampled By Turtles? Their Banjo picker is very good and fast but he plays very differently - so much so, I think I have heard that, in addition to being a very private and shy person, he is embarrassed by his technique (being non-traditional and non-conventional.

All the same, I like his work… but I digress…


Hi @WillCoop the answer to both your questions is no I haven’t. I don’t know ever banjo picker out there mores the pity. Great soundtrack.

I’ll try again as it didn’t post correctly.

So I managed to pick out one of Russ Carsons lead breaks to ‘Big Country’. Not as fast as he plays it but at a moderate speed. Here is a little practise snippet i recorded. :+1:


Great picking! Russ Carson ain’t easy stuff to pick out, and you played it nice and clean!

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Thanks. :+1: Still needs a lot of work mind. I’ve just sussed out that he is doing some other string bending on some of the licks, so working on that now.:yum: Then I’m going to work on the licks he does up the neck as best I can. :+1:

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Pick that thang!

I see/hear a vast improvement in your playing @Jono wish my progress was as good

You haven’t heard all the out takes Archie! :rofl: