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Jim Pankey - Ukulele Singalong

Hey Guy’s

Got a Uke ? No ! No matter pop over to Jim Pankey’s Facebook Page for some fun this Thursday.

Jim invites you to join him for a play-along this Thursday, April 16 at 8:00pm EDT.

You can grab the music sheets here:

Jim must have heard @BanjoBen is planning to become a chicken farmer and is on the hunt for some good laying Rhode Island Reds .


OK I missed this one back in april. LMAO!!! LOVE IT!!! :rofl: GRITS is one of my favorite tunes. I’m looking into a Banjoule and thats one I will be learnig. . Thank’s. :sunglasses: P.s don’t have tab for Banjo on that do ya?? :smirk: