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Jens Kruger Masterclass

Hey y’all. You may or may not be a banjo player or fan of Deering, but Jens Kruger just did a Masterclass which can benefit musicians of any instrument. In this weeks session, he talks about playing music intuitively. How to get the music in your head onto your instrument.
This is the stuff I been missing. How many of us learn tabs, chords, licks, scales, etc and still cannot play something we hear aurally or in our head? To me, that is the key to being a real musician. To be able to play ANYTHING and even compose your own music if desired. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.


I watched it live and thought it was terrific! He really put into words some of the struggles I’ve had in my head. And it was affirming to realize I’m not really on as wrong a track as I thought I was. So many practice sessions I thought I was wasting because I just wasn’t in the mood to buckle down & focus on the the tabs to learn a song, when all I wanted to do at that time was find some of the wonderful sounds that come out of my banjo.


Jens Krüger is a genius! I was once allowed to take part in a workshop in Switzerland. With him everything is about hearing! And he is Swiss, so i can understand him perfectly…


Looks like my brain needs ALOT more work!!! :sunglasses: Love the tutorial thanks.

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that was indeed a masterclass, thanks mate

Great stuff by Jens

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A very interesting tutorial. Regrettably much of it went right over the top of my head.

Watched it live as well. I’m a big fan of the Kruger Brothers and of the original tunes from Jens. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


Do you watch their live stream every Friday & Saturday nights at 7pm EST?
I haven’t missed since June.
There is some really good music!


I have watch a few and plan on watching more in the future

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Not always as they are being being broadcasted live, but yes. I’m attracted to artists who play traditional bluegrass, and also others who also incorporate the banjo into other or different genres.


@Severin 0h man, Switzerland is such an interesting Country, do you speak German as a first language or is it French? Maybe Italian? Can you speak Romansh too?

Jens Kruger is amazing - “Kruger” sounds kinda German to me, I wonder if he is from the western side. Is banjo a popular thing there or is Mr. Kruger just an exception?


yes switzerland is very interesting … there is a part where they speak italian, a part french, a part swiss german, and a very small part romansh. in the part where you speak swiss german, there are also many different dialects … all swiss german dialects are very different and also to the german that you speak in germany. i only speak swiss german and the “high german” that is spoken in germany. and a little english, and a little spanish, since i lived in argentina for a year. so now you know🤪

The banjo is not very well known in Switzerland. There are few bands, but they are not known. but also the Krüger brothers only know bluegrass fans … but i’m proud that Jens comes from switzerland, as one of the best for me … i’m not quite sure, but i think the mother of jens is german. and Jens and Uwe also lived in germany for a time, i think … maybe the Name Krüger is also an german name…