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Jedi Ben

Maybe we should have a forum category just for pickin’ on Ben…er, I mean…for noting the vast characteristics of our beloved teacher.

At any rate, did y’all know he’s a for real Jedi? It’s true. He snuck it in on us in the banjo waypoints lesson.
(look at 7:02).

So subtle.



I don’t think we should pick on ObiBenClark Kenobi … However it is not a well known fact that before Ben joined the Jedi Order, He was actually Batman in his early teaching days. Here is one of his first lessons. He has since mellowed out quite a bit… thank goodness. (look at 0:31)



HAHAHAHAHA!!! Y’all made my night!

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I showed my wife the Batman meme. She didn’t get it.

So I showed her how to play a G-chord on the banjo.

She still didn’t find the humor. :joy: I guess we banjo folks are in a league of our own…


I think I like this REAL story just as much as BATMAN laying down the heavy hand! :joy::joy::joy:

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