JD's signature D chord roll pattern


Is this roll pattern contained in a lesson anywhere here?


Hi Danny, There are lot’s of roll patterns. Can you post an example


Jd has a very unique roll patteren when he goes to the 5 chord. It’s in the kickoff.


Too tough for me to figure out. Sorry

You might care to run it by Sean Ray, He made a number of close up videos of JD and has TAB’d out some of his stuff.



Check this out. Bag O’ Licks D Lick Endings , especially the “blues” section. There is also the last break in " Will the Circle be Unbroken". Hope this is what you are lookin for.


Which 5 chord? At the :08 or :16 mark?


At the 08 mark Ben. Thanks


Here you go, friends:



Do you slow these licks down to figure them out?


Yes I do


WOW… A huge thank you Ben. You are the man… My teacher for life…


I often do, yes. I pretty much knew this lick but I slowed it down to make sure I got every note in order. He plays this lick a dozen different ways.


Thanks, just got it on my Crowe model Gold Star.


Still working on this Ben. When I get it somewhat presentable I`ll post a video for you to critique. Thanks again for taking the time to hash this out.