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It's getting to be that time again

This is probably my favorite Ben video, and definitely my favorite Christmas one. Especially the faces he makes in the banjo solo :crazy_face::nerd_face:


This must be before the top left Ben was “born again” into his family! :wink: I had another video of Ben for his funniest best but this is more cool and must be his singing best too!

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Definitely one of my Fav’s Gunnar. I do wish @BanjoBen would do more of these videos. Everything about this is just so much fun and the harmony singing at the end is just brilliant. :hearts::hearts:

I guess Ben is just way too busy these day’s what with the General Store, Black Friday Sales and the up and coming cabin camp to find the time to put one of these videos together. Clearly a lot of work goes into the making them…


Much much work, but more than work, it requires creative margin to think and create them, long before I set out to record them. I’d say this video cost me 100 hours of total work, 2 weeks of a full-time job, so you can see why it’s difficult to make room for that.

However, I’m making some changes in the start of 2020 to purposefully create more margin…I need to create more!


Amen Brother !

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@Dragonslayer, thanks for posting this Gunnar… somehow, I have never seen it before. It’s a good one!

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I was looking for that on the site a few weeks ago and couldn’t find it. Is it not on the site? It’s my favorite too!!
My kids like the new Oh Deer video! They watch it over and over and laugh every time!!


Looks like it isn’t

Hi Brandon, These lessons are still on the site Banjo, Guitar & Mandolin. Search under Christmas. What child is this/ Greensleeves. The Intro clip above was split from the main lesson when @BanjoBen created the new website to streamline the lessons and save on storage. All these fun clips can still be found on YouTube This lesson was released 6 years ago back in 2013.



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