It’s all about the bass?



All due respect to your absolutely AMAZING site… and coming from a LIFER…

You are such a gifted musician… and I don’t mean to dismiss the artistry of learning bass… but have you ever considered including it within you site’s scope… so that the full compliment of a Bluegrass band would be included - especially to support the songs you teach on the site with the other instruments?

This is only a well-intentioned suggestion… because you know I am such a fan of what you do!


I did have those plans, yes, but things have just gotten in the way. I hope that continued memberships will allow me to afford to expand in ways like this. Thanks!


I am a new member her and I play bass. I was surprised to see one of my teachers from years ago…opps,not to suggest that he has a little age on him…hehe…but Mr. G., Paige is a great bass player and teacher!. Just my humble 2cents worth!


Ha! Welcome, my friend! Small world indeed.


Well shucks…I done discovered another common friend. I just started a bluegrass group and I called the ressonator…(Dobro) player since he is a leather worker…you see,I wanted a custom strap. I told him of joining this site and he promptly said…Old Ben Clark and his sisters are good folks. I ask…so you know him…he said you sent him something from Israel…Jerry Parker is his name…small world indeed! I love this site!


Ha! Yep, small world again!